Expected, But Still Disappointing

Like I promised in the previous entries, I took our printer to have it looked at by the people at the HP Service Center at Buendia.  The cause of the issue was something I already expected — because one of the color cartridges had dried up on its contacts, the scanner for it suffered damage.  And since the service center didn’t have the parts (I rolled my eye at this, as what kind of service center doesn’t have spare parts anyway), the only way to “fix” the issue… is to buy a new printer. Wonderful piece business logic there, chum.

As it is, we’re stuck with a busted printer, unused printer cartridges (which my sister sarcastically added that we got our money’s worth from), and no money to buy a replacement for it yet.  Tsk.

Did nothing else important for the rest of the day, and after coming home the rest of my time was devoted to reading, typing, and recording my nephew as he made his tentative unsupported steps around my sister’s room.


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