Running On Empty

Down to literally my last hundred peso in my savings account.  It was two hundred when I got off work… then I had to buy myself a new prepaid ticket for the MRT, as the one I currently had only had two-odd rides left to it.

While I didn’t exactly starve while I was at work, it was hard to feel filled when the only thing I had for the day were two small cans of coffee and a medium-sized bottle of Pocari Sweet.  What was left over was enough for a ride to the station, as it was incredibly hot and sunny when we finally got out in the afternoon.

Oh, and I spent the whole shift answering general CS calls.  Had a bit of a time putting down notes, especially around nine, where a good number of CS agents logged off, which meant the queue suddenly spiked.

As always, have to hope that tomorrow’s relaxing rather than stressful.  And squeeze as much value out of my last hundred peso, ugh.  Payday can’t come soon enough.


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