Opening With The Usual Calm

I actually left the house somewhat later than usual.  Got too engrossed in getting as many of the quests in Kantai Collection done before I had to leave for work.  Kind of lucky that I managed to avoid getting late too, though ten minutes was cutting it really close.

As expected, I answered CS calls for all of the morning.  I had a feeling that I was placed on high priority, as I received almost the same number of calls that I usually do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Well, that, and for a good chunk of the time, I noticed that the CS team was just standing around and snacking, of all things.  That annoyed me.

Still, as I was only assigned to the CS queue, this meant that, as usual, the moment it hit eleven in the morning, the calls ceased entirely.  I could have just napped for the three hours until the end of the shift, but I couldn’t relax, as who knows whether Workforce would suddenly assign me to the Merchant queue again?

It was raining when I finally got off work, which made the fact that I had gone down wearing the sunglass attachment to my glasses a little awkward.  I didn’t ride on a jeep though, as I was more or less broke at that point, so I walked the rest of the way to the MRT station.  Thankfully the rain didn’t become stronger than a shower, but it was still pretty dark for a while.

Tomorrow is payday at last.  It’s also my nephew’s birthday, so my father is expecting me to head straight to my sister’s house in Quezon City for our family-only celebration.  No presents to bring the kid though, though I’ll have to see what his mother, my sister, foists on me in return.

Let’s just see how long my money lasts THIS time, eh.


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