Safety Net, Taken Away

I somehow managed to make it to the MRT station before 6 am, and I was actually worried that I’d run into another long line there. Luckily for me, none was to be found, and what’s more, I was able to jump into the train that was already there before the doors closed on me.

Was literally on my last few pesos today, so I actually had to borrow money (just about a hundred pesos) from my father just to survive for the day.  It’s kind of pathetic, I know, but since it was payday, all I had to do was last the shift, and I’d have money in the bank again.

Just the usual Tuesday for me, meaning yet another day filled with CS calls.  This time though I learned that our TC was being transferred out to the correspondence team, and another one was taking his place.  There goes one of my allies.  Now I’m really worried whether I’d last until next month at this rate.  Really have to be on my toes now.

It was actually raining a bit when I got off work.  I withdrew my pay, and quickly ran to the closeby Metrobank to deposit into my savings account.  Went straight to my sister’s house after that, and arrived there just as the rain grew stronger than a shower, but not quite enough to be a massive downpour — which was exactly what happened when my sister arrived from her work.  Was kind of conked out by then, but nothing a few glasses of cola didn’t fix.

So with my father, my brother-in-law, our cousin, and the baby birthday-boy himself (who woke up just in time), we celebrated his first birthday.  Really just a family affair, with pancit and pork barbecue to go around, though I never was able to taste that cake…

My brother-in-law drove me and my father to the Trinoma mall before the rush hour fully hit, and the two of us rode the MRT back to EDSA, then it was back to the house.


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