Pockets Full For A Change

While I’m a little happy that I have money again in the bank, it also means that it’s going to be altogether too easy to spend it all carelessly again.

The day started rather cloudy, and I was worried that we’d get rain again, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  Got to the office without issue, though since this is our team coach’s last day on the team, well, let’s just say that I’m going to have to be really guarded from this point on with regards to my calls, as I’ve lost my only ally in the team with regards to the moratorium the management has put on me.

Speaking of the moratorium, while I started the day on the CS queue, around ten in the morning I was shifted over to the merchant and membership queues instead.  I guess Workforce finally wised up on the fact that, with me on CS full-time over the past week or so, left the Merchant-only guys on the team swamped with calls.  

Whether they’ll do this again from this point on will have to be seen, however.  There is no word after all on any decision made in the wake of all this monitoring done to me.

It was really hot today, so I passed on walking to the station.  Made a detour to buy a USB hub in the wake of the non-USB mouse port issue, as well as a USB mouse with longer cable.  Kind of worried if I’m just setting myself up for a bad case of octopus connections here…

Last day of the workweek tomorrow. Let’s see if I can squeak through with my sanity intact again.


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