Continuing On

Today’s shift brought more Merchant Calls than CS calls, which gives me some hope that my situation has returned to “normal”, or at least I hope so.  I have still no idea as to whether or not the Management is still keeping an eye on me with the proverbial magnifying glass, so this means I’m going to have to watch myself, particularly my tone…

Which I had a hard time doing today, as it seemed that ninety percent of the people calling in for their membership applications couldn’t seem to hear me for some reason.  Of course I had to raise my voice, but that puts me in danger of sounding “rude” if the call is pulled for review.  Ugh.  I just hope that whoever it is monitoring pays attention to how the callers say “I can’t hear you”, despite the fact that not is my phone’s volume at max already, I was just a step away from shouting into my headset’s mike.  Sheesh.

It was very sunny this afternoon once I got out, with nary a cloud in the sky.  Really hammers the point that Summer is here once more, but at least there was a strong wind blowing down Pasong Tamo, which negated the heat immensely.  

Oh, and apparently we had a blackout in our neighborhood for most of the day, and the electricity was only conveniently restored once I got back.  Huh.

Hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow, but in this line of work, it pays to not expect too much.


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