Really In For It Now

It’s the first morning in a long time that I’d woken up in a sweat, which just confirms what many people in the city have likely expected: Summer is well and truly here.

Got to work without incident, and the workday itself was rather uneventful.  It was really sunny though when the shift ended, and unlike the previous day, there wasn’t any brisk wind to mitigate the heat.  Needless to say, I rode a jeep instead of walking to the station.

Made a detour to pay off some bills before I went home.  I’m kind of broke as a result, but this time around, what’s left in my bank account won’t even last five days, never mind the ten days to my next payday. Urgh.

Oh, and my father chewed me out, obviously, upon learning that my credit debt was divided between two cards rather than one.  And he once again poured on the shame factor, about how I should be in a better-paying job if I planned to use my card that much.  I want to, but the schedule is convenient ya know!

Really hope that the calls assigned to me tomorrow will be more on the merchant side of things, but I just expect the CS teams to be overmatched as usual.  What a big bother, really. 


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