Surprisingly Relaxed

I have to say, today was a whole lot slower than I expected for a midweek.  Especially when one considers what I had to go through around the tail-end of last month. Suffice to say, it was very very relaxed at the office, and the only hiccup really was the fact that, once again, I … Continue reading Surprisingly Relaxed

One Less Thing To Worry About

So I've managed to (re) confirm that, yeah, my vacation leave for May 14-18 was good to go, and forwarded the confirmation letter I got to my new TL.  All I need now is for my LOA request to go through, and I'm hopefully set for the new term.  Maybe. Nothing really stand-out about my … Continue reading One Less Thing To Worry About

Lead-Armed And Lead-Legged

The first thing I noticed when I woke up today was how my arms felt awfully numb, and how the joints of my legs ached, particularly behind my knees.  I immediately reasoned that the former was due to how I had my upper body massaged the day before, and the latter simply due to bad sleep … Continue reading Lead-Armed And Lead-Legged

Not Exactly Great Starts

I woke up later than usual today, enough so that I was greeted with a bit of a tongue-lashing care of my father (who looked ridiculous as he was cooking up some jumbo weiners while he gave me a sermon).  I didn't pay it too much mind, and besides my father had other things to … Continue reading Not Exactly Great Starts

Like Beating Your Heat Against A Wall

Let's just say that the one pictured above was the one occupying my attention for a good part of the day.  Though as intimated by the title of this entry, it felt like banging my head against the wall, again and again. For reference, the person in the image is the final boss of the … Continue reading Like Beating Your Heat Against A Wall

No Such Accomplishment

Leave it to my father to get angry at something I usually did -- this time around, it was me waking up at around nine, and then finally doing the laundry at around a quarter to ten... Except that's when I usually did the laundry anyway.  That said, it was really hot for that hour, … Continue reading No Such Accomplishment

Ended My Week With Sausages

So I went and bought myself a pack of Hungarian-style sausages on the way home, as I mentioned in my post yesterday.  They were quite expensive -- around four hundred and fifty pesos for a pack of seven or eight -- but I did get a free sausage-in-a-bun, and boy was it hefty.  The fact … Continue reading Ended My Week With Sausages

Forgetting It’s Still Midweek

It's kind of surprising that it's still Wednesday, but then again it should have hit me immediately the moment that the error screen appeared on the browser window I was playing Kantai Collection at work in... Which signaled the start of maintenance (and the 1st Anniversary event for the game). Otherwise, a rather normal day … Continue reading Forgetting It’s Still Midweek

Dunno If I Should Feel Happy About It

Woke up earlier than usual, and I was out of the house and on the way to the MRT station before five-forty five.  Thankfully, when I arrived there, there were no long (and unmoving!) lines into the station, though there was admittedly a short one to the turnstiles themselves.  In any case, this meant that … Continue reading Dunno If I Should Feel Happy About It

Managed Somehow

For once, I was glad that I woke up and left early, since I was able to bypass a situation that might have caused me to be late for work, where I noticed the massive and nearly unmoving line into the EDSA MRT station.  Usually that meant that there were some issues with the trains … Continue reading Managed Somehow