Surprisingly Relaxed

April 30, 2014

I have to say, today was a whole lot slower than I expected for a midweek.  Especially when one considers what I had to go through around the tail-end of last month.

Suffice to say, it was very very relaxed at the office, and the only hiccup really was the fact that, once again, I had to do the server roulette at the start of the shift to jump into a remote server that actually had everything that I needed, well, functioning.  I spent something like forty minutes on that again, which meant that I’m under unwanted scrutiny from Workforce again.  Urgh.

On the bright side, finally got to meet my TL, and he mentioned forwarding my LOA request already.  Now all I need to do is hope and pray that one gets approved.  It’s not like I ask for these a lot…

The only other exciting thing to share about my office workings was how we were supposed to have some foreign visitors again.  This meant that everything extraneous on our workstations (like paper and stuff like that) had to be put away, and non-work browser windows closed.  Except the hours passed — they were scheduled to arrive at around ten in the morning — and no visitors.  We weren’t sure it was a false alarm either, as we noticed some floor execs looking worried.

In any case, my shift ended without anyone showing up, so that was something I didn’t think about too much.  Had a nap when I got back home after doing some Kantai Collection, but after I woke up I just prepared some food  (sliced bits of those Hungarian sausages glazed in caramelized sugar) for my packed lunch tomorrow.  That’s pretty much it.


One Less Thing To Worry About

April 29, 2014

So I’ve managed to (re) confirm that, yeah, my vacation leave for May 14-18 was good to go, and forwarded the confirmation letter I got to my new TL.  All I need now is for my LOA request to go through, and I’m hopefully set for the new term.  Maybe.

Nothing really stand-out about my shift today at work, except for the usual log-in shenanigans, where it took me something like the whole of the thirty-five minutes pre-shift and fifteen minutes after the start of my shift to get into a remote server.  Hmm.  Otherwise, it was a slow Tuesday shift, though again, still had to do calls straight with a handset rather than with a headpiece.

Aside from that, paid off this month’s combined phone and internet bill, so that’s around a thousand and nine hundred pesos gone once more from my savings. Ouch.

Hoping for yet another slow day tomorrow, really.

Lead-Armed And Lead-Legged

April 28, 2014

The first thing I noticed when I woke up today was how my arms felt awfully numb, and how the joints of my legs ached, particularly behind my knees.  I immediately reasoned that the former was due to how I had my upper body massaged the day before, and the latter simply due to bad sleep posture.  In any case, it made getting ready much more difficult that expected (particularly when I had to bend over to change my underwear after taking a bath), as even slight movements made them ache.

Or maybe I’m just getting old.

In any case, I managed to get to work without incident (around 35 minutes to spare this time), but as usual logging in presented the usual problems, as apparently one of our merchant programs was on the fritz again.  It got sorted out eventually, but this did mean that I spent something like forty-five odd minutes doing the server roulette again.

Oh, and yes, managed to play Kancolle at work again, and it did wonders for running resource expeditions.

Anyway, managed to send an email to my TL, and request both an update on the leave request I asked for way back in march, and my new LOA request for the end of the month.  Hopefully the former gets confirmed (as it would be really awkward to head for my cousin’s wedding on unpaid leave), though the latter is an iffy prospect at best.  Urgh.  Getting that proposal rewrite done will be impossible then.

Not Exactly Great Starts

April 27, 2014

I woke up later than usual today, enough so that I was greeted with a bit of a tongue-lashing care of my father (who looked ridiculous as he was cooking up some jumbo weiners while he gave me a sermon).  I didn’t pay it too much mind, and besides my father had other things to worry about anyway, as he was going to accompany my sister in buying a week’s worth of veggies to bring back to her house.

By the time I got prepared, my father and sister had already left for the market, leaving the baby and his caretaker.  I decided not to ask for my usual kiss, as he now had a propensity to follow you if he knew you were leaving (which was exactly why my sister and father left quietly too).

Got to the MRT station, but while I was still early enough that I didn’t find a line into the station or at the turnstile, it was still late enough that I got stuck among the people waiting on the stairs to the platform.  Luckily for me, a train arrived in short order, and it got moving again.

While I got to work somewhat early (still had thirty-odd minutes to spare), most of the intervening time before log-in (and around twenty minutes after that) was spent logging in and out of the system, as I couldn’t find a remote server with both a functioning merchant program, as well as a CS program.  It took me a while to find one that had both, but thankfully from that point on it was business as usual.  Mostly merchant and membership calls, and a single CS call, all told.

Oh, and I was able to play Kancolle at work again, though spent most of it (in between calls) making sure my destroyers sparkled, and my Expeditions did their part in making sure I have enough resources on hand again before I make another try at E-5 at the end of the week,

Then the server reset itself sometime after lunch, after which I had to go through the server roulette all over again, and with barely an hour to spare in the shift too.

Passed on taking a nap, and finished off the downloaded anime I had, as well as any left-over quests I had in Kancolle.

Like Beating Your Heat Against A Wall

April 26, 2014
Cute, but very VERY deadly.

Remote Island Demon

Let’s just say that the one pictured above was the one occupying my attention for a good part of the day.  Though as intimated by the title of this entry, it felt like banging my head against the wall, again and again.

For reference, the person in the image is the final boss of the Spring 2014 (aka the 1st-year Anniversary) Event in Kantai Collection.  The stage is literally a gauntlet of bosses, and the worst part is, even if you GET to her, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to damage her anyway, as the RNG-based mechanics of Kancolle might just decide that the members of your fleet just target something else.  As a result, it’s been extremely frustrating, and in my case, after what seemed to be steady progress reducing her HP bar to half, things ground to a halt, and I wasn’t able to make progress for hours.  

And now my resources are low enough that the natural regeneration has actually kicked in again.  Technically all I need to do is sink her about 4 or so more times, but boy that’s easier said than done.  Makes me think I should spend the next few days recouping resources before trying to finish her off.  Yeah.

As for what else I did today, well I went out and got my shoes back from Mr. Quickie, after forgetting all about it yesterday.  Oh, and we had a video conference with Nanay again, but this time as she was at Tito’s house his family got into the act too, including our newest cousin… Which makes it a bit weird for my nephew I suppose, to be about six months older than his aunt…

Back to work tomorrow.  I’ll try to see if I can play Kancolle  at work, but if not, well, there are long expeditions in store for my girls…

No Such Accomplishment

April 25, 2014

Leave it to my father to get angry at something I usually did — this time around, it was me waking up at around nine, and then finally doing the laundry at around a quarter to ten… Except that’s when I usually did the laundry anyway.  That said, it was really hot for that hour, so I pretty much had to do my washing under the shade of three umbrellas.  Oh well, managed to do so anyway.

Prepared two of the sausages I bought yesterday along with cream of crab soup, as my sister was coming early (due to it being apparently a holiday in Australia, which meant no work for the day).  It turned out rather well, though we agreed (later on when we finally had it for lunch) that rather than salty, it was actually spicy.  Hmm.

Went out to have my shoes fixed, as well as withdraw my salary.  Salary obviously went straight into my savings, though there was a thousand and five-hundred peso deduction as I paid off the last of my VISA debt.

Finished off maps E-3 and E-4 of the Kantai Collection Anniversary event, though I didn’t get any drops of note.  Kind of wary of doing the last one, as I’ve found that I don’t have nearly enough (good) planes to get the ideal Airpower value for the boss.  This means I’m going to have to rely on support fleets to (hopefully) make up for the damage.

Aside from that, maybe just build up resources for the attempt.  Still plenty of time.

Ended My Week With Sausages

April 24, 2014

So I went and bought myself a pack of Hungarian-style sausages on the way home, as I mentioned in my post yesterday.  They were quite expensive — around four hundred and fifty pesos for a pack of seven or eight — but I did get a free sausage-in-a-bun, and boy was it hefty.  The fact that I didn’t have to eat dinner afterward attests to how heavy it felt when it hit my stomach.  That said, it sure didn’t taste like our local longganisa, for sure — it was salty rather than sweet, for one.  

In any case, rather than be happy for the purchase, my father instead complaint about the expense, and how we could have bought a whole kilo of something else (say, tocino) for far less.  I countered that the expense was worth it in this case, as we’ve never tasted a sausage like this one.  Try to experience stuff you haven’t tasted before, y’know?

As for my day at work, not really much to say about it.  Just the usual shift, though I did feel annoyed at how, due to a change in the coding brought on by the new event, I can no longer play at work.  Drat. 


IJN Destroyer Hatsukaze

DD Tanikaze

IJN Destroyer Tanikaze

Speaking of the event, I focused my attention on THAT as soon as I got home and rested.  Hit map 2, and managed to clear it, though I have to say I was hemmoraging buckets due to RNG-related stupidity.  Blargh.  Managed to get both Tanikaze and Hatsukaze though, but it in no way makes up for the troll-level idiocy of the Night Battle node before the boss node.  

I’ll gather as much resources as I could  via the dailies, then I’m going to hit map 3 tomorrow.  I heard that it’s a lot more straightforward, but I’ll just have to see for myself.