Nothing In My Pockets

Well, I am truly broke as of today, with the last hundred I could withdraw taken out of it around noon.  Now I’m wondering just how I’m going to survive tomorrow’s shift, aside from obviously asking help from my father.  Which is awkward, given how we just had an argument yet again the other day with how careless I am with my finances.  Ugh.

How I wish I had better paying work, but the schedule I have in this particular job is amenable for a student like myself.  If it hadn’t, let me tell you, I would have left it for greener pastures a long time ago.

My mother told me to try to understand my father’s point of view in this. Except I do.  I understand his disappointment, and how the roles should have been reversed — that I should be the one shelling out money when he and nanay needed it, and they should be enjoying their twilight years using the savings they’ve built up over the years.  And yet here they are, bailing me out of my stupid debt.

It’s just too depressing to think of.

As for the shift at work, well, it could have been far worse.  As it stood, we were down two people, and it came to the point that some TCs were forced to go on overtime just to help ease the queue for us.  

Oh, and it was extremely sunny in the afternoon, this time around with a grease wall of humidity to come with it.  So it’s no surprise how I just turned on the A/C, and then jumped into bed for a late afternoon nap as soon as I got home.

As for tomorrow… I just hope I can figure out something, else I’d likely pass out from hunger. Maybe I can sneak in that loaf of bread we have downstairs…


One thought on “Nothing In My Pockets

  1. Parenthood should never end no matter what age you might be, if you need help i’m sure your dad would sooner you asked him for help then get another loan or lend from a friend. It’s not that your dad is disappointed, he’s only doing his job, i’d say he just wants you to budget and be more responsible with money. If your job can’t keep you living then just get another job ? Good luck

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