That Get Rid Of Debt Plan

In the end, my father did pay off a large chunk of my VISA’s debt — around sixteen thousand pesos worth — but in return he confiscated the card, to curb further uses of it.  Can’t say that I could blame him, but at the very least he could have been less pushy (and angry about it).  In any case, I’ve also deleted the VISA from my Paypal, so at the very least I won’t “accidentally” use it for a purchase, at least for a while.

This leaves the Mastercard bill… Which is quite substantial.  If and when that’s cleared, well, let’s just say that I’m going to have to do a whole lot of financial atonement, especially now even my mother is thinking of calling it quits and coming home.  So, yeah, really have to focus on finishing my studies now now.  If it was only easy to convince a frowning academic panel though…

Sigh. Nothing going right?  Definitely.

As for the shift at work, ah, just another really bad day for the folk on the final morning shift.  Lots of people were absent as usual, and once more our (Ex) TC had to stay in long after his own shift ended to just help with the calls.  I’m really concerned at this point, as there’s no way the management couldn’t see what’s happening… And yet they’re not doing anything (well aside from coming down on agents like me for being lax on call procedures) about it.  Urgh.

At this rate, even if the management review didn’t get me, my fear is that the burnout will.  I’ve been answering more CS calls than I’ve ever did, and that’s disturbing, as Cross-trained agents should be on a lower priority than purely-CS agents.  We’re literally taking half of their load, but without any kind of pay increase (which in my current situation is a huge deal).

Ugh.  These past few weeks… Hope I survive until enrollment again.


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