It Was Pretty Bad Overall

Today’s shift was… terrible, to say the least.  It was queuing as soon as I logged in, and on both the Merchant and CS sides.  Ironically, the CS (aka the Walmart) side of things was relatively easier, especially after an escalation where the customer patiently waited for a supervisor for nearly an hour… Hmm. 

They say that they’re bringing in forty new hires, but if you ask me that’s too little too late, if the intent was to help with the morning shift.  As it is, it’s a minor miracle the lot of us had hung on for this long, despite our crappy salaries.  And let’s not get into the people who are leaving…

Bringing a thermos and lunchbox worked this time around, though I have to wonder now what I’d bring tomorrow.  Oh, and have to ask for money again, this time to purchase a new MRT card.

Ah, four more days until payday.  When will this hardship end?


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