Where Did That Sanctuary Go

Well, there goes my relaxing Mondays.  Yeah, one can see how bad things are when what’s supposed to be the slowest day in the week, was instead filled for most of its length with wall-to-wall calls.  And not surprising, said calls came almost entirely from the CS side of things.  At one point, I wondered if there was anyone from the CS team on-duty, as the queue count actually skyrocketed to twenty four, and stayed that way for nearly twenty minutes.

If the management still doesn’t see this as a problem, then I’m not sure what they would call an emergency.  Because frankly, the CS side of things is struggling — they’re losing agents way too fast (can’t blame them, as taking CS and Walmart calls is an exercise in madness) and not retaining enough — and as a result the cross trained agents (like myself) are forced to pick up the slack. Except in the process they’re burning us out as well.  

And I’m not even sure I can last longer too…  Urgh.

Anyway, I had to borrow some money from my father to purchase a new MRT card today, as my own card had two more uses left in it (one to and one from Makati).  Except he didn’t have any hundreds to spare, so he gave me a five-hundred peso bill to use, with the caveat that I had to give most of it back as change.  Oooookay.  I eventually had to spend some of it to not only get coins for jeepney fare, but to get hundred-peso bills to buy the actual MRT ticket.  The latter I eventually did, of course.

Ah, tomorrow.  Three days to go until payday, and I have the toughest day of the week to look forward to.  Not good at all.


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