A Shift’s Worth Of Heck

Ah, yeah.  Today was pretty bad.  

Just how bad?  

Well, when I arrived at the office, there was around fifty calls waiting, and around thirty of those were Walmart calls.

And that number simply did not end, and it was more or less nonstop calls until four minutes to eleven (which incidentally was my scheduled lunch break for the day), and only then did I finally get any kind of merchant or membership call.

This is seriously bad.  And as expected, management’s reaction to this crisis… was to turn the whole of April into a “Critical Work Month”, meaning any absence results in a final written warning (!!) and all leaves were cancelled.

I’m not sure how the management let things escalate like this, but I suppose that’s to be expected when they blithely ignored the fact that the CS side had been shedding agents at an alarming rate, and there are simply too few cross-trained agents (like myself) to pick up the slack anymore.  And what’s worse, since me and the other cross-skilled agents were virtually put on CS duty for the whole morning, there was no one to take in the calls merchant side of things.  Which will obviously lead to the service scores tanking… because the people who’re supposed to answer that queue were forced to help save the CS side’s service scores from tanking.

It’s a downward spiral, I’m telling you.  And I’m not really sure how long I’m going to last if things continue at this rate.

And yes, I took a nap as soon as I got home.  Was just too tired to do anything else.


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