Finally With Pockets Full

Despite my fears yesterday, today didn’t devolve into another workday where I’d just answer one CS call after another.  Instead, I was still on Merchant and Membership duty, which was nice, though given how our headsets seemed to have conveniently disappeared on us again, I had to answer the calls directly from my phone’s handset.  True, it made me easier to hear by the customer, but it did make it awkward at times, especially when I had to type in personal information.

Oh, and it’s payday today, though for a while the lot of us left during the end shift wondered if we’d be able to get our salaries by the time the workday ended, as the electronic payslips showed no changes for the whole morning.  To our relief though, it changed barely four minutes before our shift ended, so guess where the lot of us went as soon as we logged off?

So, now I have around six thousand and eight-hundred pesos in the bank again, and this time around I’m not shouldering a groaning debt.  This should go a long way in helping me build up savings again.  Ugh, though who knows how long that would take again…

Still, it does feel good having actual money again.


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