Forestalling That Breakdown

I’ve been functioning for barely four hours of sleep per day for the past few days, and to be honest I’m still surprised that I haven’t broken down yet.  It’s just a matter of time though, so before it happens, going to pre-empt it by going to bed early today. It’s not going to make up for all those lost hours, but it’ll count for something.  Going to have to skip out on late evening viewings though.

Today’s work day was surprisingly slow, but the fact that I was (mostly) on Merchant and Membership duty likely had something to do with that.  Oh, and the fact that I was only forced to answer one CS call today.  We still don’t have any replacement headsets yet, so the calls had to be done once more straight from the handsets.

Anyway, time to hit the sack before I get distracted again.


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