Bus Commuting For Fun And Practicality

As expected, with the onset of Holy Thursday, the poor sods (like myself) who still had work were forced to take the buses to where we needed to go, especially since the MRT stations weren’t open.  In my case, this meant that there was a bit of walking that had to be done, as the actual bus stop at Mantrade… was more than a station’s length away.  At least I was able to catch a jeepney once I got to Pasong Tamo, but it was a close thing regardless, as I had barely ten minutes to prepare my system before logging in.

The highlight for today was how a group of us were pulled out barely an hour and forty-five minutes into the shift (at least as far as I was concerned) for two hours worth of training.  Apparently, the bosses in the US are passing back functions they had taken away before, and they needed the lot of us who were cross-trained to be up-to-date on the latest procedures…  Which just really means that we’re getting more work with nary an increase in pay yet again.  Urgh.

At least I was able to experience getting my first break done, only to be followed by my lunch break barely ten minutes later.  All because, when the refresher training finally ended, our instructor was nice enough to browbeat Workforce into adjusting our break schedules to make up for things.

The rest of the work day passed rather normally after that, though I obviously had to take a bus ride to get home… At which I jumped into bed to take a nap.  While the plan was to sleep as long as possible, as my nephew and the rest of the family barged into my (air-conditioned) room, it was hard to do so.  Especially after hearing the baby mimicking how I sounded when I snored.

Anyway, father is planning on dragging me to a long station of the cross event that the parish organized, but I’m just liable to just sleep in for the rest of the morning.


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