Return To The Usual Stuff

Much to my surprise, I woke up to find that I was alone in the house.  Apparently my sister was picked up by her husband early, and since my father woke up along side them, he just took the opportunity to go straight to the bayfront for his usual morning walk.

As for me, I prepped for work, but found to my surprise that the MRT still didn’t have any service… which meant I had to hop on another bus just to get to Makati.  Still managed to get to the office with about fifteen minutes to spare, and was just enough for me to get everything up and ready before I finally logged in.  Funnily enough, apparently Workforce though I didn’t have a schedule on Sunday, and as such I had no idea when I was supposed to take my break and lunch, so I had to ask around before I finally found a TC (from a different team) who helped me get in touch with Workforce, and had my schedule fixed.

Day mostly passed without incident, though because the TC assigned to the team nor the TL were in evidence, I still haven’t been able to sign that salary increase form.  Hmm.

It was really hot earlier, but I somehow ended up walking to the MRT station… Except since there weren’t any trains running, I just used the station to cross over to the other side of EDSA, and jumped on the first bus I saw that was headed to our area.

Rested a bit once I got home, but eventually had to go to Easter Mass.  After that, it was back home, and it looks like I’m going to have to turn in early, as I’m feeling tired for some reason.


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