Managed Somehow

For once, I was glad that I woke up and left early, since I was able to bypass a situation that might have caused me to be late for work, where I noticed the massive and nearly unmoving line into the EDSA MRT station.  Usually that meant that there were some issues with the trains (I later learned that the train from Shaw to EDSA broke down), so I decided then and there to just stay on the bus until Mantrade.  As expected, the vehicular traffic on the overpass leading there nearly slowed to a crawl, but it was enough for me to hop off close to the ramp down beside Alphaland and walk the rest of the way to the jeepney stops.

As for my day, kind of the usual for a Monday, except as it was Easter in the US, the calls came in even slower.  To the point that I was able to eat my packed lunch at my workstation (I didn’t have breakfast at home) without much incident.

And after my shift was done, it was straight home.  Pretty boring, really.


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