Dunno If I Should Feel Happy About It

Woke up earlier than usual, and I was out of the house and on the way to the MRT station before five-forty five.  Thankfully, when I arrived there, there were no long (and unmoving!) lines into the station, though there was admittedly a short one to the turnstiles themselves.  In any case, this meant that I was able to get to the office with lots of time to spare, though I did have trouble finding an actual vacant station to log into.

The shift mostly went as normal, though it was somewhat on the slow side for a Tuesday shift.  Oh, and our old TC somehow managed to finally give me the form I needed to sign to finalize my pay raise.  It’s almost 18,000 smackers (well if you include the rice subsidy), and close to my old salary at E-Trade, which is pretty great for a part-timer I suppose.  Hopefully it retroactively takes effect for this pay period, but I won’t hold my breath on that.

The lack of headphones still hasn’t been resolved, so as usual I had to take in calls directly from the phone receiver. No sudden spikes in the call queue for the whole day, so it was also somewhat relaxed.  I was even able to take a nap during my lunch break, though in this case I went seven minutes over my break limit.

Didn’t have any trouble going home, but given the amount left on my MRT card, getting a new one is in order.

P.S. It was apparently the city’s hottest day on record for the year, though I hardly noticed.  Heck there was even a brisk breeze blowing once I got home, and it wasn’t a hot one either.


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