Ended My Week With Sausages

So I went and bought myself a pack of Hungarian-style sausages on the way home, as I mentioned in my post yesterday.  They were quite expensive — around four hundred and fifty pesos for a pack of seven or eight — but I did get a free sausage-in-a-bun, and boy was it hefty.  The fact that I didn’t have to eat dinner afterward attests to how heavy it felt when it hit my stomach.  That said, it sure didn’t taste like our local longganisa, for sure — it was salty rather than sweet, for one.  

In any case, rather than be happy for the purchase, my father instead complaint about the expense, and how we could have bought a whole kilo of something else (say, tocino) for far less.  I countered that the expense was worth it in this case, as we’ve never tasted a sausage like this one.  Try to experience stuff you haven’t tasted before, y’know?

As for my day at work, not really much to say about it.  Just the usual shift, though I did feel annoyed at how, due to a change in the coding brought on by the new event, I can no longer play at work.  Drat. 

IJN Destroyer Hatsukaze
DD Tanikaze
IJN Destroyer Tanikaze

Speaking of the event, I focused my attention on THAT as soon as I got home and rested.  Hit map 2, and managed to clear it, though I have to say I was hemmoraging buckets due to RNG-related stupidity.  Blargh.  Managed to get both Tanikaze and Hatsukaze though, but it in no way makes up for the troll-level idiocy of the Night Battle node before the boss node.  

I’ll gather as much resources as I could  via the dailies, then I’m going to hit map 3 tomorrow.  I heard that it’s a lot more straightforward, but I’ll just have to see for myself.


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