No Such Accomplishment

Leave it to my father to get angry at something I usually did — this time around, it was me waking up at around nine, and then finally doing the laundry at around a quarter to ten… Except that’s when I usually did the laundry anyway.  That said, it was really hot for that hour, so I pretty much had to do my washing under the shade of three umbrellas.  Oh well, managed to do so anyway.

Prepared two of the sausages I bought yesterday along with cream of crab soup, as my sister was coming early (due to it being apparently a holiday in Australia, which meant no work for the day).  It turned out rather well, though we agreed (later on when we finally had it for lunch) that rather than salty, it was actually spicy.  Hmm.

Went out to have my shoes fixed, as well as withdraw my salary.  Salary obviously went straight into my savings, though there was a thousand and five-hundred peso deduction as I paid off the last of my VISA debt.

Finished off maps E-3 and E-4 of the Kantai Collection Anniversary event, though I didn’t get any drops of note.  Kind of wary of doing the last one, as I’ve found that I don’t have nearly enough (good) planes to get the ideal Airpower value for the boss.  This means I’m going to have to rely on support fleets to (hopefully) make up for the damage.

Aside from that, maybe just build up resources for the attempt.  Still plenty of time.


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