Lead-Armed And Lead-Legged

The first thing I noticed when I woke up today was how my arms felt awfully numb, and how the joints of my legs ached, particularly behind my knees.  I immediately reasoned that the former was due to how I had my upper body massaged the day before, and the latter simply due to bad sleep posture.  In any case, it made getting ready much more difficult that expected (particularly when I had to bend over to change my underwear after taking a bath), as even slight movements made them ache.

Or maybe I’m just getting old.

In any case, I managed to get to work without incident (around 35 minutes to spare this time), but as usual logging in presented the usual problems, as apparently one of our merchant programs was on the fritz again.  It got sorted out eventually, but this did mean that I spent something like forty-five odd minutes doing the server roulette again.

Oh, and yes, managed to play Kancolle at work again, and it did wonders for running resource expeditions.

Anyway, managed to send an email to my TL, and request both an update on the leave request I asked for way back in march, and my new LOA request for the end of the month.  Hopefully the former gets confirmed (as it would be really awkward to head for my cousin’s wedding on unpaid leave), though the latter is an iffy prospect at best.  Urgh.  Getting that proposal rewrite done will be impossible then.


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