One Less Thing To Worry About

So I’ve managed to (re) confirm that, yeah, my vacation leave for May 14-18 was good to go, and forwarded the confirmation letter I got to my new TL.  All I need now is for my LOA request to go through, and I’m hopefully set for the new term.  Maybe.

Nothing really stand-out about my shift today at work, except for the usual log-in shenanigans, where it took me something like the whole of the thirty-five minutes pre-shift and fifteen minutes after the start of my shift to get into a remote server.  Hmm.  Otherwise, it was a slow Tuesday shift, though again, still had to do calls straight with a handset rather than with a headpiece.

Aside from that, paid off this month’s combined phone and internet bill, so that’s around a thousand and nine hundred pesos gone once more from my savings. Ouch.

Hoping for yet another slow day tomorrow, really.


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