Surprisingly Relaxed

I have to say, today was a whole lot slower than I expected for a midweek.  Especially when one considers what I had to go through around the tail-end of last month.

Suffice to say, it was very very relaxed at the office, and the only hiccup really was the fact that, once again, I had to do the server roulette at the start of the shift to jump into a remote server that actually had everything that I needed, well, functioning.  I spent something like forty minutes on that again, which meant that I’m under unwanted scrutiny from Workforce again.  Urgh.

On the bright side, finally got to meet my TL, and he mentioned forwarding my LOA request already.  Now all I need to do is hope and pray that one gets approved.  It’s not like I ask for these a lot…

The only other exciting thing to share about my office workings was how we were supposed to have some foreign visitors again.  This meant that everything extraneous on our workstations (like paper and stuff like that) had to be put away, and non-work browser windows closed.  Except the hours passed — they were scheduled to arrive at around ten in the morning — and no visitors.  We weren’t sure it was a false alarm either, as we noticed some floor execs looking worried.

In any case, my shift ended without anyone showing up, so that was something I didn’t think about too much.  Had a nap when I got back home after doing some Kantai Collection, but after I woke up I just prepared some food  (sliced bits of those Hungarian sausages glazed in caramelized sugar) for my packed lunch tomorrow.  That’s pretty much it.


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