Panic Time

May 27, 2014

The title kind of says it all.  I wasn’t able to write anything today, and in fact I even had to backtrack on what I wrote yesterday.  This means that I’ve had a net production of ONE page for the whole LOA period so far.

That is… Not good.  At all.

So, panic time. Energy drinks, the works.  Going to try and punch out… something over the next three days.  Hopefully it is enough.


Backtracking And Looking Forward

May 26, 2014

Before I go into what I did today, a little backtracking to what happened this Friday.  Funny, I could have sworn that I made a post for that day, but apparently I didn’t, not even a draft.  Hmm.

Anyway, despite how we usually started the weekend — which is to say ready the laundry for washing — I didn’t actually go and scrub and rise the laundry already waiting outside for me.  This was because we were fully expecting Sunshine, that is to say, the baby’s caretaker, to handle it, as she was supposed to arrive with my sister and nephew before lunch that that.

Except that didn’t quite happen, as they didn’t arrive at all that time.  This meant that the laundry was left neglected in the hot morning and early afternoon sun. 

So in the end, I had to do the laundry anyway, so at around four in the afternoon I went to business.  I managed to soap, scrub, rinse, and put up everything to dry before five-thirty, but I was annoyed to find out that one of my favorite blouses had some unwanted red faded into it — the result of one of my father’s T-shirts, apparently.  

As for my sister, nephew, and his caretaker, they eventually did arrive… except it was at around midnight. Ugh.

 Now for today, well I managed to do a page while at the DLSU Learning Commons.  It’s not much, but after months of inactivity, at least it’s something, but my target was two pages for today, so let’s see how that goes in a few hours.

Another Day Of Nothing

May 24, 2014

It’s always hard to make a post on what I do on my weekends, because most of it really is just me sitting around my room doing different variations of laziness.  I will say this though, there’s some progress made on the proposal draft, but I’d rather be at DLSU to finish it.  Less distractions.

Oh, and one thing  did learn today was… Apparently my nephew now has issues being left alone with anyone else other than his grandfather.  He literally wouldn’t let the old guy go, which was funny when my father had to run off to buy the usual Saturday lottery ticket.  Except it left him bawling for the duration, and nothing would calm him down.  I’m amazed at this.

Now what to do about tomorrow… 

Set In My Ways

May 22, 2014

Spent the rest of the day at the DLSU Learning Commons reading more of The Writer and His Milieu, continuing on with the entries of Dr. Paz Benitez, Dr. A. Rotor, and Prof. Bien Santos.  Sadly, just a lot of reading, but not a whole lot of typing involved.

Things went a little gloomy by late afternoon, so I had to hurry home before I got rained in… except when I got home it was still dark and cloudy, but the rain was nowhere in evidence.  Hmm.

Let see if I can do some pages tomorrow.  After chores of course.

Midweek Crunches

May 21, 2014

Apparently today was the start of classes, as far as those who did advanced enrollment went.  This led to an awkward moment where I went and got a visitors ID at the DLSU Henry Sy gate… Only to find out that my usual school ID worked now once I got to the Library.  

In any case, this meant that the library was more crowded than two days ago, even the 12th floor, which was actually mostly empty on Monday and Tuesday.  Oh well.

In any case, all I really need to do is type something down, which is always the hardest part.  Hmm.

Oh, and managed to get the clothes from dry cleaning on my way home.  Too bad it didn’t rain when it looked like it, as I was sweating bullets by the time I got home.

In any case, lets see how many pages I can come up with tomorrow.  My real target is somewhere around five-to-seven, but at this point I’d be happy with just one.  

That Little Hurdle Jumped Over

May 20, 2014

Turns out that it wasn’t that expensive to get a Library Pass.  Rather than the thousand and plus pesos I feared it to be, I only had to pay something like six hundred pesos, and what’s more it’s effective until August.  Which kind of makes it redundant, as supposedly when classes start my ID should become valid again.  Oh well.

As for my stint today at DLSU, nothing written down so far, but I’m getting a clear image of what I should put down.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put down something by tomorrow, muse willing.

Oh, and boxes from the US arrived as promised.  This time around, much to our relief, there weren’t that many clothes for us — actually I think I only got two shirts, all told.  However fully half of the contents of one box consisted of baby clothes… Makes me wonder if my sister even has the space for her son’s clothes now.

The rest of course was food.  I was relieved to see iced tea and powdered juice again, but there was also a whole lot of chocolate that neither me or my father can practically eat — heck we haven’t even finished off the chocolate truffles from the last time.  Still this means we have a full larder again, which is always welcome.

That, and each of us received a new Samsung tablet. I held off from fiddling around with mine, until I could buy an anti-scratch cover for it.  

Unexpected Academic Hurdles

May 19, 2014

As I planned, it was off to DLSU for some academic solitude in preparation for the upcoming term… Only to run into an unexpected snag.  Apparently if one isn’t enrolled for summer classes, irregardless of whether or not one is taking up their Master’s Degree and, what’s more, working on their thesis proposals, one can’t use their IDs to enter the campus, much less use its facilities.  This meant that I had to get a freaking visitor’s ID just to get in, and even worse, had to pay a hundred pesos just to be able to get into the library and use the reference material there.  Ugh.

Needless to say, I swallowed my annoyance, and coughed up the hundred pesos for the library usage fee.  I then went up to the Filipiniana section (which was more or less used by about four people for the entire time I was there), and stayed there for the rest of the day.

I can’t say that it was fruitful, as the fact that my laptop was able to grab wireless internet access was an obvious distraction, but at the very least my mindset is on the right track, as well as the fact that I was actually able to put down notes today…

Wish I could say that the rest of the day once I got home was just as fruitful.  Since my sister is working at home, obviously I don’t have the room to myself.  Add that to the fact that our block seems to be suffering recurring brown-outs, well, suffice to say that net use hasn’t been as consistent as we’d want to.