May’s Labor’s Ruse

It’s Labor Day in the Philippines, but I somehow managed to miss taking advantage of the free MRT rides for the morning… by virtue of being way too early.  Not that I’d be able to do so anyway, as the free rides started at seven, which was also the start of my shift.

Managed to arrive at work with more than enough time to spare, but as expected, ran into the same problem that’s been plaguing me all week.  While I logged in in time, I was only able to take in calls around twenty minutes in, due to being unable to find a server where everything I needed was functioning again.  Urgh.

The day passed without incident, but boy, was it hot outside when we finally got off.

Oh, and when I got home, I was surprised to find two familiar bags waiting outside our doorstep, but without their owners.  I say familiar, as they’re the bags that my sister and the baby’s caretaker usually brings with them.  I opened up the house, then brought the bags in, and figured that their owners would show up sooner or later.

And they did.  With the baby in tow, my father came home some ten minutes after that.  I have to say, I was surprised, as I was expecting my sister and nephew tomorrow, but apparently my sister didn’t have work that day, so they took advantage of that fact to come by early.  With my sister’s change in schedule though, this means that we’re basically going to be alone with the baby the whole day tomorrow, but I’m sure that my father doesn’t mind that.

Had my afternoon nap, and when I woke up I planned on finishing off the Spring 2014 event’s boss.  Had two great runs, and reduced the map bar to basically zero, which meant that I just needed an actual sinking on the boss to clear the event.  However a spat of disconnections put a stop to that, so I had to stop as well, else I risk a banning (as multiple DC’s during sorties might be seen as the sort of things macros do).  I guess I’ll just try tomorrow, and send the rest of the fleets on resource-gathering expeditions.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be AS hot, but I have my doubts.  I’ll just a morning’s worth of uninterrupted internet connection however.


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