A Fool And Their Resources Are Easily Parted

Today’s shift at work turned out a whole lot slower than I expected, when one considered the fact that it was supposedly queuing really bad… Or at least that was what one of my contemporaries told me just as I was about to head into the work floor.  It turns out that it was queuing, but not in the merchant/membership side of things, oh no, but as usual on the CS side, specifically Walmart.  

Still, when I did finally get to log in, it turns out that my call menu, as it was, still leaned primarily on the merchant side of things.  This isn’t to say that I didn’t get any Walmart calls (three did manage to sneak in), but even with the odd spikes, the relative lack of CS calls made things mostly stress-free.  Now if they could only fix the lack of headsets…

Was still dead-tired once I got home though, and this time rather than go to church as usual, I begged off and just took a nap for the rest of the afternoon.  I turned on the AC of course to help me relax, but no sooner than I did my father came in and reminded me of the electric bill we’re expecting for the month.  I think he’s somehow forgotten that, given how it is summer, the spike in our electricity charges should be expected.

I do love Akashi's 2nd remodel sprite, I do
Current Resources, and Akashi as Secretary-ship

Aside from that… Well, suffice to say that the excess resources I had left over after finishing the Spring/Anniversary event (see image abov) are now mostly gone, expended in a blaze of glory to the massive gamble that is LSC.  The end result? Still no Taihou, but will try again and again until I do get her.

Oh, and one final thing.  Me and my father were surprised when my mother suddenly called, as she was apparently contacted by Western Union about how no one’s picked up the money she sent (to me apparently) way back in February.  Suffice to say, both me and my father were surprised at this.  In any case, I’m to finally pick up the money, though we’d probably use it to pay for next month’s bills again…


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