Delayed Windfalls

My shift at work was pretty standard as far as Mondays go (apart from how, for the first thirty minutes, I was seemingly on top priority queue-wise, but I had that fixed quickly), so I’m skipping ahead to what I did after I got off work.  Specifically, where I dropped to pick up the long-delayed (take note, this was sent way back in February) Western Union money transfer.

Technically there were two Western Union services close to our neighborhood, and I passed by one on the way… Except they couldn’t find the transfer in question using the WU control number.  So I dropped by the house, reconfirmed the control number, then set off, this time to the other Western Union branch.  They couldn’t find it either, but unlike the first branch, they had me wait a bit while they chatted up WU’s online support to see what happened.

Turns out that the transfer went dormant due to no one picking it up for so long.  So they had it reactivated, and I was finally able to get the two hundred USD that my mother had sent back then.  I had it converted to pesos, which I then quickly deposited into my savings account, but this just made my father question my judgement as usual — because if it was him, he would have waited until the Peso to Dollar exchange rate would be more ideal.

In any case, have some money in the savings account again, which will serve as a welcome buffer when May’s set of bills come in.


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