Saved By Circumstance

I was obviously worried, as it was a Tuesday, which meant that, in most cases, it was the day with the heaviest workload.  When I arrived at the office, my fears were confirmed — despite Correspondence being mostly there, the CS queue was backed up.  I was seriously worried that I’d be forced to help with the Walmart queue again.

The same sort of system issues struck though, and it took me something like an hour before I was finally able to find a remote server with everything I needed.  When I started taking in calls, I sighed a bit in relief that I wasn’t on the CS queue (though I did get some stray Walmart calls).  This were actually going swimmingly, when in the middle of one of my calls one of the merchant programs I used went down… and never came up again.

Because of that, I had to go on System Aux, and with my TC’s blessing, I logged off the remote server I was on, and tried to log in again, in the hopes of dropping into another server with a functioning system… Except things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. The servers I landed on never quite had all the programs needed — indeed, it seems that just as it had merchant programs okay, the CS side was down.  And this continued for something more than an hour, before my TC finally caved in, and decided that if I managed to find a server with a functioning system but without CS working, he’d have me taken off the CS queue entirely.

And that’s exactly what happened.  So I finally was able to take in calls again… except it was barely ten minutes to my scheduled lunch break by that point.  Whoops.

I imagine that some people might have been annoyed at that.

In any case, the rest of my day passed without incident, and despite the afternoon heat when I finally got off, I somehow managed to get home in one piece… At which I turned on the AC to my room and promptly took a nap.

And what did I do when I woke up in the evening?  

Mao, as always, was adorable
Mao, as always, was adorable

I watched the GJ-Bu OVA.  And it was wonderful.


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