One Day Transposed

Surprisingly enough, today was a whole lot more frustrating that yesterday’s shift, mostly due to the fact that cross-trained agents like myself had to once more help with the heavy lifting in the Walmart call queue. What was even more annoying was how, as usual, Work Force reversed the priority of the queues assigned to us again.  In other words, we kept on getting CS calls despite the merchant line struggling with its own queue problems.

We had to talk to our TC about it, and it was duly fixed, but it wasn’t fast enough in my opinion, as around two hours passed before anything was done about it.  Ugh.

That said, just a fairly standard day at the office, nothing really much to say.

As for home, well, you can say that my father was bored and hand nothing to do when he kept on commenting on everything I did, straight, a lot of which outright hypocritical when you come down to it.  Complaining that I kept on eating nothing but meat meals at home, when all he prepared were meat meals for our viands?  Something’s definitely wrong here.

Close to the end of the week again.  Better start preparing my luggage for the Davao trip.


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