Weekend Spitting Matches

I can’t really say that I started today right, as it began with yet another spitting match between me and my father.  I got so annoyed, that I rang my mother up via Magic Jack just to vent.  Honestly, I don’t think we’d ever get along.  The most we can do I suppose is tolerate each other’s presence, but actual respect? Impossible.

Spent a good chunk of the morning on the laundry.  There was quite a lot of it, and to give you an idea, I started at around nine — where my father went to Trinoma to fetch my nephew and his caretaker Sunshine.  I finished at around eleven thirty (rinsing and hanging the clothes out to dry included), I think, which was way past when we usually took our lunch.  Once everything was on a hanger, it was off to the kitchen to cook some vegetable and cream of mushroom soup.  With that done, it was back upstairs for browsing.  

No Kancolle of course, as it was maintenance time.

Once my father got home with the baby, it was lunch, then back to the usual idleness.  Was seriously looking at possible apartment prices, but right now still beyond my reach.  Can’t move out just yet I suppose.

Oh, and it rained this afternoon.  Too bad it did nothing to help with the heat, ugh.

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