Packed, And Then Some

Nothing really much to say about my day today, aside from how I’ve more or less finished packing for our trip to Davao next week.  It took a while to find the bag that I wanted — a yellow tote-bag that my sister and I used whenever we went to Singapore — but when it was finally found, it was easy enough stuffing two-and-a-half days worth of clothes into it.  As my father said, a set to wear on the way, a set to wear while resting, and a set to wear after the wedding is done.

As for the dress itself, well, my father wanted me to stuff it into the bag, but I decided to just have it carried with me on its hanger-pack.

And that’s it.  The rest of the day was spent butting my head against the wall (figuratively) in World of Tanks (due to it being another x5 weekend), while my room was the venue for my nephew’s early-evening nap (by virtue of it having AC).

Oh, and it was my payday today, but I was too lazy to go out and actually withdraw the money. I figure that I can do it on Monday instead, when the banks are actually open, so I can deposit the money straight into my savings account.


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