Those Types Of Work Days

Today’s shift at work was, in a word, bad.  Apparently half of the CS team didn’t come for work, which meant that by the time I arrived at the office most of the cross-trained agents were doing double-duty.  And what’s worse, when the last of the second-to-last shift stragglers, as well as those who were doing overtime, logged off at around nine, this meant that it was more or less three people doing the work of seven.

And then the other member of our team went excused himself halfway through the shift.  That left us with two people, and with us also on priority on CS calls, this meant that no one was left to answer the Merchant queue (which was ALSO backed up real bad).  I pointed this out immediately to the TC-on-duty, and understanding the stupidity of the situation, he had me and my teammate taken off the CS queue completely, so we could take care of the Merchant queue.

Even then it took until almost the start of my lunch break before we were able to reduce the queue to the point where there was avail times in between calls again, rather than wall-to-wall calls. Ugh.

Needless to say I was very glad for the day to be over.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m turning in early.  My head aches.


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