Just A Day Away

I’m seriously considering calling in tomorrow morning, and not go to work.  The fact that it’s Tuesday aside, I kind of miscalculated at when me and my father were supposed to leave for Davao.  Rather than on the fifteenth, we’re apparently supposed to leave on the fourteenth, and early in the morning at that.  Urgh.  While my leave request hit the right days, I would like to have a day more to prepare.  

That said, we’re mostly prepared.  All that’s left really is for me to not forget my IDs and my phone’s charger before we leave for the airport.

To be honest, I’m kind of nervous, but that’s how it usually is with trips like this.  More the reason for the extra day I suppose

As for my day at work, pretty normal for a Monday.  Rather slow actually.  The only thing of note is that, once again, the vendo machine on our floor decided to not only not give me the cola I order, but it didn’t return my money as well when I cancelled the order.  And after that, I finally withdrew my salary.  However since there were a whole lot of people in queue at the Metrobank branch near the office, I opted to just deposit my money at the branch that was close to our neighborhood… Which had fewer people waiting too.


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