The Trip To Davao, Lots of Stuff Happened

Before I start on my recollections on my extremely rare participation in a family affair (in this case my cousin’s wedding), I have to say, the last thing I expected to find once I got home was a ban on my KanColle account.  Seriously ticked about that.

I’ll get to that in a bit, but first some thoughts on the trip me and my father had to Davao.  Going to try to tell things in order, but memories can get jumbled after all those stuff happening.

Now lets see.  Our flight was slightly delayed, but we managed to arrive at Davao safe and sound.  The first thing that I noticed once the both of us got out of the airport was how cool it was.  If I remember right, it was something like twenty eight degrees at Davao City even during noontime, so it was comfortable despite there not being any cloud cover out.

The father of the bride, my aunt’s husband, showed up to get us.  We waited a bit longer, as he also was expecting one of my other uncles to arrive too, but some fifteen minutes later nothing materialized, so he brought us to his house (or the one he had in Davao anyway), which was very close to the airport (so convenient).  This was the gathering point for all of the family who were going to attend the wedding, and soon enough, more of my aunts and uncles showed up.  We had breakfast once most of them got there, and everyone caught up with whatever everyone else was doing (including the inevitable “so when will YOU get married” line of questioning when my turn came). It was during this point that I was trying to see if I could get Kancolle to work on the PC they had in the house, and what do you know, it did, though I’m worried if that influenced the ban…

Soon the bride and her fiance (a Briton) arrived, greetings were shared, before we nosy relatives were hustled to a hotel owned by one of my mom’s cousins (on her father’s side)… The thing is it took a while to get there, as it was located on the opposite side of the city it seems (okay that’s an exaggeration, but it was like fifteen minutes from the house we just came from).  In any case, we settled in, before it was back to the house for lunch.

After that it was back to the hotel, but we were more or less let loose for the afternoon.  As for yours truly, I got to accompany my father, my uncle, my auntt and her husband, and my grandparents (my mom’s parents)… to a hospital (beside one of the Gaisanos there in Davao, where apparently my grandfather’s oldest sister got confined barely two days after her ninety-sixth (!!) birthday.  As luck would have it, we ran into her, literally, as she was being wheeled to the labs for testing.  I don’t even think she noticed that my grandfather was there.

Anyway, we climbed up to the hospital room, where my uncle and aunt had a bit of a talk with their cousins, including the one who owned the hotel we were staying in.  Somewhere in the midst of talking about land, said cousin (who was an optometrist) noticed my father’s huge spectacles, and decided she hated it, so she called up the store she had in the Gaisano mall just across the road, told them to expect us, and more or less had them replace my father’s aviator-shaped glasses with one with a smaller (and squarer) frame.

We eventually had to leave, but we ran into grandfather’s sister again, still semi-conscious, being wheeled into the elevator, to her room on the third floor.  My father and I quietly excused ourselves, and just waited in our ride.  Form there, it was back to the hotel, before the whole family had dinner out at a local grill.  Had lots of stuff to eat as usual (I swear, I think I gained six kilos from just these two days), including what I could only describe as a large tube of fish roe (likely from a tuna), that was grilled.  I wonder how animal activists would react to that.

But wait, that wasn’t the end of the evening!  We drove to the apparently the place to eat durian at Davao City (just close by to one of the China Town gates actually).  The experience was… heady, to say the least, and a natural danger to people with high blood pressure!  Also, I had to laugh how everyone was supposed to drink cola (Coke was preferred apparently) just to help digesting the durian.  You learn new things everyday!

We capped off the night by a visit at the Davao People’s Park.  It kind of underscores how unusually safe it is in Davao, when one sees the park still filled with people (including joggers!) well past nine in the evening.  I suppose the threat of getting salvaged by the Mayor (who’s pretty infamous for it) for stepping out of line keeps people well-behaved, I suppose.

Obviously it was back to the hotel after that, then bed.  The next day, after everyone got ready and dressed, it was back to the house for breakfast, then back to the hotel to get our things ready for the wedding (which included our bags, as apparently we were to check out en-masse, which would cause a lot of problems later).  Once everyone got ready, it was another quick lunch (at Dencias this time), before it was off to the venue, which was a sort-0f resort just off to the side of Davao’s Manila Memorial (don’t look at me, that’s what I remember it was named).

We got into our dresses, the rain that was already pouring when we arrived wouldn’t stop.  We waited for an hour, and just when it was decided to push through despite the rain (we were all given umbrellas), it started to weaken, before it disappeared entirely.  There was still some wiping off the seats, everything was good to go.  And the rain helped ease with the temperature too…  

Oh, and did I mention that the wedding had a remote controlled drone to film the ceremony?  

I could mention the reception, but I was seriously so stuffed by that point that I quietly excused myself from the proceedings, went to the cottage where everyone changed into their clothes, changed out of my dress, and quietly dozed there until the reception ended.

It was at that point where the decision to check out of the hotel bit everyone in the arse.  Y’see, the decision was made under the assumption that, after the wedding (had it not been delayed by the rain, it would have been done by mid-afternoon), the rest of the family would head to Mati, while my father, me, and my grandparents would just stay behind at the house by the airport for the evening)… Except that didn’t happen.  Now everyone was without accommodations, which led to the father of the bride (and his wife, my aunt) to hurriedly find me, grandpa, grandpa, mother, and tita, somewhere to stay for the night.

And it was unusually hard to do so, as apparently due to a large seminar of LGOs, most of the hotels were packed!  They eventually found one for us (close to the Victoria mall), and we were able to sleep soundly for the rest of the evening.

The next day was our flight of course.  It was sometime after noon though, so there was quite a bit of time before that, which meant we spent some time in my grandparents’ room (where the older folk talked while I watched Prometheus).  Once it did close to noontime however, it was off to the airport, but not before a quick stop at Binalot for lunch.  Then it was off to the airport, where we said our farewells (and where I was given a looming threat to get married before the next time I meet everyone again), but not before tatay was given a box of mangoes as pasalubong.  

And wouldn’t you know it?  The flight got delayed.

We managed to get home fine, but given the pile of laundry we left behind AND the one we brought back with us, suffice my first priority was to set up a soak for them, so I could just focus on the scrubbing and rinsing tomorrow.

And at the end, I found out I got banned at Kantai Collection.  That more or less ruined my good mood.


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