Those Unexpected Things

I didn’t mean to wake up early, but I did so anyway, as it would be hard to ignore the sounds of my toddling around in the room, while my grandfather followed him around.  I still tried to sleep in anyway, but that, and my sister firing up the PC, quickly put a stopper to those plans.

Spent the morning coming to a decision, but eventually I decided to bite the bullet, and start a new account at the DMM site.  Banning be damned, I just like Kantai Collection too much to let it stop me.  Now with this experience under my belt, I just have to make sure that it doesn’t happen again…

Anyway, I brought my dress and my father’s amerikana (business coat and pants) to the dry cleaners.  The only one I knew was located at the Mall of Asia however, so I prepared myself for paying for a lot.  Blah.  I dropped the clothes at the cleaners, and would get them back this Wednesday.

Once I was there though, I noticed that Godzilla showing.  I figured that it’s been a while since I was out, I decided to watch it… at the IMAX theater there.  As I was a little short, I had to use my credit card to pay.  I bet my father would be pissed about THAT.  In any case, it was close to an hour and forty-five minutes to the entry time, I figured that it was also about time to treat myself to a massage at one of the massage spas at the Mall of Asia.

The session ended with something like fifteen minutes to entry time, so it was off to Wendy’s foe a big takeout of upsized Bacon Mushroom melt-fries-iced tea combo, then to the IMAX theater.

And as for the Godzilla movie itself?  I won’t spoil, but I definitely don’t consider it a waste of my time.  Wow. 

After all that, it was off home.  I dropped by the grocery to buy iced cream (Magnolia mango-flavored), as an excuse to deflect questions on just why it took me so long…  But when I got home, I found out that my sister and her husband had brought iced cream (melon from Selecta this time) already.  Oh, and it was apparently my father’s birthday.  Funny how I completely forgot about that.

We had a party, and again way too much food for four adults and a baby to eat in one sitting (so obviously it’s going to last us several days).  It was very filling though, so I guess it’s okay, and I had iced cream (and wine!) in the end so it was good.

As for Kantai Collection?  I was able to get in, albeit into a newer server.  Starting from scratch is going to be tough, but eh, I think it’s worth it.

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