That Little Hurdle Jumped Over

Turns out that it wasn’t that expensive to get a Library Pass.  Rather than the thousand and plus pesos I feared it to be, I only had to pay something like six hundred pesos, and what’s more it’s effective until August.  Which kind of makes it redundant, as supposedly when classes start my ID should become valid again.  Oh well.

As for my stint today at DLSU, nothing written down so far, but I’m getting a clear image of what I should put down.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put down something by tomorrow, muse willing.

Oh, and boxes from the US arrived as promised.  This time around, much to our relief, there weren’t that many clothes for us — actually I think I only got two shirts, all told.  However fully half of the contents of one box consisted of baby clothes… Makes me wonder if my sister even has the space for her son’s clothes now.

The rest of course was food.  I was relieved to see iced tea and powdered juice again, but there was also a whole lot of chocolate that neither me or my father can practically eat — heck we haven’t even finished off the chocolate truffles from the last time.  Still this means we have a full larder again, which is always welcome.

That, and each of us received a new Samsung tablet. I held off from fiddling around with mine, until I could buy an anti-scratch cover for it.  


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