Backtracking And Looking Forward

Before I go into what I did today, a little backtracking to what happened this Friday.  Funny, I could have sworn that I made a post for that day, but apparently I didn’t, not even a draft.  Hmm.

Anyway, despite how we usually started the weekend — which is to say ready the laundry for washing — I didn’t actually go and scrub and rise the laundry already waiting outside for me.  This was because we were fully expecting Sunshine, that is to say, the baby’s caretaker, to handle it, as she was supposed to arrive with my sister and nephew before lunch that that.

Except that didn’t quite happen, as they didn’t arrive at all that time.  This meant that the laundry was left neglected in the hot morning and early afternoon sun. 

So in the end, I had to do the laundry anyway, so at around four in the afternoon I went to business.  I managed to soap, scrub, rinse, and put up everything to dry before five-thirty, but I was annoyed to find out that one of my favorite blouses had some unwanted red faded into it — the result of one of my father’s T-shirts, apparently.  

As for my sister, nephew, and his caretaker, they eventually did arrive… except it was at around midnight. Ugh.

 Now for today, well I managed to do a page while at the DLSU Learning Commons.  It’s not much, but after months of inactivity, at least it’s something, but my target was two pages for today, so let’s see how that goes in a few hours.


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