That Futile Kind Of Feeling

Well it’s back to work again for me today, and honestly it’s like nothing has changed… well except the fact that apparently our team is permanently put on Merchant duties for the duration. Apparently management finally noticed that our own productivity levels were suffering whenever we were forced to help with the burden of CS calls (which more or less never ended), because no one was answering the merchant calls as a result.  Imagine that!

I missed out on the normal enrollment, so I’ll try to see if I can squeeze by with a residency enrollment, even if late.  I tried to do so online, but no go, so no choice for me but to head to the registrar’s office and try my luck there.  As for my thesis proposal… well shall we say I’m not sure my two-weeks worth of LOA was worth it.  Sure I was able to type some pages, but I’m not sure if my mentor will still accept me at this point.  Haven’t emailed the guy in about two terms after all, and I figured that since he’s not checking up on me, he doesn’t see the point anymore.  

Buh. Going to definitely have to talk to the academic adviser about my situation, for sure.


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