Off The Short List Of Worries

Well, that’s it for the enrollment.  I wish I could say that it went smoothly, but there were a whole lot of things that needed to be done, and boy they took a while to do.  To give everyone perspective, I got to DLSU just shy of three in the afternoon.  I however was only able to finally pay for this term’s residency at around six in the evening.  The long queue aside, there was also the fact that I was asked to reset my My-DLSU password so that I’d be able to access the Oasys link they used to track Graduate Studies enrollments (apparently), and only after that was done (and it took the good part of thirty minutes to accomplish, as there were calls to IT done and whatnot) was the enrollment form printed, and I was able to make a payment.  


As for my day at work… Nothing really exciting.  It’s a Monday after all, which meant it was pretty relaxed for most of my shift.


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