Some Bit Of Relief

Given how it was a Sunday shift, I was worried again that we’d get swamped by CS calls.  Thankfully, it seems that more sensible heads prevailed, and the majority of the calls that the team received were of the merchant and membership kind.  That’s not to say that we didn’t get any CS calls, but they were a very very small minority.

So the day was mostly relaxed as a result, but there were a few annoyances here and there, mostly from customers who couldn’t seem to hear anything despite us almost shouting into our headsets’ microphones.  But can’t really help with those.

It was a bit on the sunny side as usual, but come late afternoon it turned cloudy, enough that my father expected rain again.  Except it didn’t happen, which was annoying in a way, as it would have helped make the night cooler for sleeping.  Oh well.

Here’s to another slow day tomorrow, but in my line of work, ’tis best not to hope too much.


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