And It Did Finally Come

I woke up really early today to the sound of rain.  It was around two in the morning, and it was really coming down.  Of course, with the windows in my room closed, I wasn’t able to appreciate how much it lowered the early-morning temperature, so I opened them a bit… then promptly went back to bed.

 By the time the alarm on my phone went off at five, the rain had stopped, which is a good thing, as I wasn’t in the mood to bring an umbrella to the office.  The threat of rain did make me hurry my preparations, but thankfully this time I didn’t leave anything behind in my haste to get to the office.

It stayed gloomy for the rest of the morning, at least where we were in Makati, and there was even a prolonged downpour for a while, but eventually the rain stopped.  Again, this was a good thing, as I didn’t want to get wet on the way back home.

Oh, and as for the shift itself at the office… Surprisingly relaxed, with far less CS calls than you’d expect on a Tuesday shift.  This does make me worry for tomorrow however, as there’ll obviously be fewer people on duty.

P.S. It was payday today, but I didn’t get anything in my payroll account.  I’m worried that the two weeks I chose to use for my LOA were EXACTLY the days that my pay for that part of the month was computed for. Ugh.


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