That Final Nail In The Coffin

Well, it looks like there’s no stopping it — I’ve been scheduled for a hearing with HR, which more or less portents doom, no matter how I’d slice it.  All I’m waiting for is the actual date, but with how these things work, a final appeal to overturn the decision doesn’t look likely.  *groan*  And what’s worse, absolutely no show of support from my current supervisor… that said, it’s not like I know the guy anyway, what with him being mostly on the evening shift, while I’m on the last day shift.

In any case, I’ve already asked my sister to see if her company’s got openings on its non-voice account.

As for today, well, with the announcement, I was put on low priority, meaning while I got merchant and membership calls, it only happened after everyone else.

The weather was accommodating for a change.  There wasn’t any rain, but it was cloudy throughout.  Also few people on the sidewalks due to the holiday meant that it was much easier to grab a ride on the jeeps and the MRT.

Oh, and my sister, the baby, and his caretaker dropped by today for a change… except she’s going to have work tomorrow, leaving the rest of us to take care of the baby.  Not that we mind… 


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