Ticking Clocks And Anxious Waits

The first thing that greeted me when I woke up this morning was my father calling me downstairs, because apparently my mother wanted to talk to me about my issue at work.  After I explained my situation — everything up to and including the hearing with HR — we talked about what I’d do afterward. I told her about my plan to forward a resume to my sister, and see if she can find me a non-voice opening in the company she was with, but a few other crazy suggestions came up, including me going on “vacation” and going to the US for a while.  I immediately pointed to the impracticality of that, but my mother just brushed it off as something to think of.

In any case, my sister’s company is a good bet, but the problem with that of course is the availability of slots here in the city.  At worst, even if I can get hired, I might have to settle for a spot in Laguna… or Bicol.  Both of course very far from here in the capital, but tatay just said to suck it up if it comes to that, and just be thankful for the new experiences.  I’m not so sure…

Anyway, it’s back to work tomorrow, and I’ll continue coming to work until the time they tell me to stop doing so.  That said, have to start deleting my files there now…


One thought on “Ticking Clocks And Anxious Waits

  1. That offer to go on a US vacation sounds nice – I was more in the line of thinking of “hey, while there’s still means to do it, why not?” But that’s just me.

    Or, maybe (even better), why not go to Japan? Though it’s past sakura season, still a good place to go.

    My .002 cents. Good luck with your work situation

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