All That Waiting

It was Sunday, and for the first time in a long while, I wasn’t able to go to work with a pre-packed lunch or my trusty thermos, primarily because  we didn’t have any rice, even leftovers.  This meant that whatever breakfast I had today, I had to buy it at 7-11.

As for the shift at work, I knew what to expect, which meant quite a bit of CS calls.  These lasted up to midmorning, when after filling the queue for what seemed to be hours, it suddenly stopped altogether.  From that point on, it was all  membership calls, of which I was thankful for.

Still no hint on when the HR hearing will take place, not even an email.  Can’t really dare to hope, but it’s very likely either my TL or the TC-in-charge will give me the details by tomorrow.

Surprisingly, there was no rain or clouds today, which made it feel altogether like summer.  And when I got home, there was a lot of food to be had, as my sister and husband had prepared quite a feast in celebration of Father’s Day.  However when they went home with the baby’s caretaker, that left the three of us — my father, my uncle, and myself — to try to figure out how to finish off all that food.  In the end, we decided that it wasn’t possible, and just finish it off bit by bit over the next few days, starting with the spaghetti (some of which I’m bringing to work tomorrow as my baon).

Not much to hope for tomorrow, but a slow day at work would be nice too.  


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