That Dreaded Calm

As a Monday, today’s shift at work was markedly relaxed… This meant very few calls and a whole lot of opportunities to just nap at my work station.  It made me very worried for tomorrow, however, as there’s still no word on the HR hearing, though I’m expecting some kind of instructions to come when I get to the office tomorrow.

So, all I could do at this point is wait… and it’s pretty maddening.

As for non-work observations, the road in front of the office was cleared of roadwork, compared to how it was yesterday, where the normally three-lane Pasong Tamo extension got reduced to two, due to all the work being done in the middle lane.  Not that this helped much with the traffic situation heading back into the Makati proper, but at least there was less congestion. 

Oh, and it was as hot, due to there being a whole lot of sun, and not much cloud cover to go by.  At least it wasn’t humid, which is always a small blessing.

Hit bed once I got home, though before I did I noticed that, yes, we’ve somehow managed to reduce the leftover spaghetti to a bowl’s worth (which I finished off while I was making this entry), and maybe a big platter’s worth of valenciana.  That leaves the log cake from yesterday somewhat untouched.  

I was looking forward to the Sprite from yesterday, but apparently my father and uncle somehow contrived to finish off the two-liter bottle before I got home. Hmph.


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