Oppressive Waits

It’s Tuesday, so I came to work expecting the usual hallmarks of this particular day’s shift, which is to say long CS call queues and a whole lot of angry WalMart callers.  I wasn’t disappointed, and add to the fact that we were missing a few people, it was pretty much wall-to-wall CS calls for most of the morning.

Now that was something normal for this part of the week.  I was however waiting for news on my hearing… which none was forthcoming whatsoever.  It was even unnerving when our TL, who was in surprisingly in evidence for the first two hours of my shift, walked over and gave us a somewhat friendly farewell when he finally logged off for the day.  Gee boss, I’m on pins and needles here, the very least that I could get is the date of my “execution”…

That little detail aside, things started to settle down around the time of my scheduled lunch break (which at 10 am was surprisingly early), though as usual we poor cross-trained folk continued to take in merchant and membership calls, while the CS people stopped getting any calls at around eleven.

Yet another hot day today, so it’s no wonder I was so glad to jump into my air-conditioned room and sleep off the rest of the afternoon.

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