Lots Of Headscratchers

There’s still no word on the schedule of my HR hearing when I got to work today, which kind of worries me given the promptness they usually deal with these kind of issues.  Realistically though, that incident report of mine should be somewhere on their “to-do” file, so it’s still really just a matter of time.  That said, nothing would comfort me greatly than said IR being buried in a mound of paperwork and conveniently forgotten…

That aside, the shit at work was kind of relaxed, at least as far as Wednesday shifts go. The calls were overwhelmingly non-CS in nature, and though some Walmart calls did slip in, it wasn’t in the numbers I’d usually expect (especially since, at one point, the Walmart queue spiked to 15 or so unanswered calls).

I transferred stations mid-shift, waiting until our TL logged off work, which was conveniently around the time of my first break.  I chose one of my older stations, which was in a blind spot in the floor’s security camera angles, by the way.

The shift ended, unsurprisingly, with rain.  It wasn’t enough to soak me to the skin, but by the time I got home I was pretty wet.  Nothing a change in clothes couldn’t fix, though the drop in temperature the rain brought made it far too easy to slip into dreamland as soon as I lied down on my bed. Four in the afternoon to eleven in the evening?  Not as ridiculous as you’d think!


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