That Kind Of Went By Quick

And just like that, it’s the end of my workweek once again, and what’s more, just a hop, skip, and a jump to my next payday, which I’m definitely looking forward too.

As for my day at work, suffice to say that it was similar to yesterday, where the first half of the morning leaned heavily towards CS calls, while the time after that was characterized by long avail times and a whole lot of membership or merchant calls.  Oh, and still no word on my hearing, which is very worrisome.

It started raining hard around lunchtime, and I was seriously worried that I might be rained in by the time I got out… Except when the shift finally ended, the rain was already weakening, and by the time I got to the MRT station, it was actually warm and sunny again. Hmm.

Got home, to find my aunt and her husband there, which made for a rather cramped living room when you add my father, my seaman uncle, and my cousin (who just got back from his wedding in Iloilo).  Lots of jibes at my being single again, but that was kind of expected at this point.

Hmm, might have to confirm first whether or not my sister will come early, to see whether or not I’d have to do the laundry.


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