Not Quite Rained In

I actually surprised myself by waking somewhat early despite it being my day off.  It’s really becoming into a bad habit, but I figured that since I was awake already anyway, I figured that it was a good chance to get some breakfast.

As I went downstairs to get that breakfast, I listened in to my mother and father converse via Skype on my father’s laptop.  Apparently she wanted him to buy a few boxes of hopia to give to someone to bring to the US… The problem was, however was that my mom neglected to give the contact information of whoever it was tatay was to give the stuff to, or which terminal to meet them at.

In any case, while my father thought the whole thing stupid, he still went and did what my mother asked, and left me alone, with the usual instructions to do the laundry before it got hot outside.  Which I did.  

Then, somewhere in the middle of my first rinsing, it got dark and cloudy all of a sudden, which was followed by a sudden downburst of rain.  As I was already sitting under some umbrellas I had put up on the clotheslines (to block the sun), I just had to sit tight and wait out the first blast of rain (and wind).  And the rain eventually did weaken, and I was able to finish the rest of the laundry in relative peace.

By the time the sun got out, I was done again, and was actually putting out the clothes to dry when my father finally got back.  Once that was done, lunch was the next order of business (where I think I flubbed things by preparing some extra-salty bullion soup, blah).

My brother-in-law arrived with the baby in tow sometime mid-afternoon, so needless to say my nephew’s been keeping my father’s attention from that point on.


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